Submit your Guitar How old is my vintage amplifier? There are several ways to determine when a Fender amp was produced. First use the cosmetic features to get a range of possible years. Next, if applicable look for the date code on the tube chart. Remember, many components could have been changed over the years, speakers blow, caps dry out, transformers melt down, and pots wear out. Here is a cool link to a Vintage Fender Amp price history chart that tracks sales data for specific amp models by the month. Wide panel, narrow panel, brown, blonde, and black face amps have a date code hand-stamped on the tube chart. This code is made up of two letters. The first letter translates to the year and the second to the month.

How old is my vintage amplifier?

In the second half of the 20th century, however, accordion sales were declining; but Hagstrom were there at the beginning of the new guitar boom, producing their first electric, the Hagstrom De Luxe in By this time, Albin had died later to be replaced by his son Karl-Erik , but the companys many years experience of accordion manufacture massively influenced the early guitars, with the use of pearloid sparkle finishes and a preference for push-switches over potentiometers more widely used in American guitars.

Over the next two decades, Hagstrom produced a number of interesting and commercially sucessful guitars, many with a nod towards better known American designs, but some quite unique.

Epiphone Sheraton ET – Cherry incl. orig. hardshell case. Nice and clean Epiphone Sheraton ET – Cherry finish, in excellent and all original condition. Those Epiphone models where made by Gibson and the Sheraton ET was their most elaborate and fancy semi-hollow body guitar, even more expensive than Gibson´s ES counterpart.

Lincolnwood Label Brown Label The Aria Epiphone Japan models that were made by Matsumoku from the early s and ending before do not have a reliable serial numbering system but can be approximately dated using their Epiphone label colours. The early Japanese blue labels were left over from production at the Kalamazoo factory and were used on Japanese-made instruments until supplies ran out approximately These labels say “Union Made” in the lower left corner and are sometimes hand-stamped with “Made in Japan” at the bottom.

Some of the interim blue lables had neither the “Union Made” nor “Made in Japan” markings on them. When supplies ran out, these labels were replaced with a new batch that were printed “Made in Japan” in the lower right corner. Pre “Union Made” labels are distinguishable from labels used on Japanese intruments by the printed model name of the intrument only.

Gibson Thunderbird bass

History[ edit ] The Gibson Guitar Corporation released several new styles during the s to compete with Fender ‘s solid-body instruments, such as the Telecaster and Stratocaster. After success with the Les Paul in the s, Gibson’s popularity began to wane in the s. Fender’s colors, shapes and multiple pickups were endorsed by notable guitarists. Gibson’s guitars, most of which were hollow or semi-hollow designs, seemed old-fashioned. Coupled with higher prices, this contributed to a decline in sales.

A Gibson Firebird V played by Johnny Winter onstage in Gibson had made forays into radical body shapes — the Flying V and Explorer in the s — which met limited initial success.

During the early s production moved to Korea, and again the serial numbers are not an exact science as a dating mechanism. In , a structure was developed where the number (or pair of numbers) following the initialletter indicates the year of production (i.e. “3” indicates , or a”93″ would indicate the same).

Helping you find the value of your vintage guitar Vintage guitar ‘values’ What is the value of my vintage guitar? It is a question that is often asked, but rarely answered definitively, and with good reason. People say that an item’s worth is the amount you can get somebody to pay for it. Whilst this is true, especially in the realm of vintage guitar prices, it is not a particularly satisfactory answer when trying to set a reserve on ebay.

Or when considering or making offers to vintage guitar dealers. The fact is there is a large degree of subjectivity in any vintage guitar value quoted, but there are certain absolutes. A s Fender or Gibson will always be valuable, for example. Vintage Gretsch guitar – photo Freebird Sale prices can vary hugely depending on where, how and by whom they are sold. Big city guitar shop prices are regularly more expensive than private sales on auction sites and classifieds listings, or private deals between friends.

Guitars rare in one place may be very common somewhere else. There are bargains to be had, but also people paying crazy prices. Book values have their place, but if you stick slavishly to these you may well find yourself overpaying for instruments, or unable to sell your own in a convenient time frame. Vintage guitar price guides should only be considered as one opinion.

Vintage Guitar – Parts and Identification

Thus, guitars were blessed with the Midas touch, veritable gold mines guaranteed to swell the bottom line as large corporations sought to diversify. The resulting gold rush yielded a number of strange bedfellows, with many guitar companies owned by conglomerates that may or may not have a clue about making and marketing guitars.

Most came down on the latter side: Even new guitar importing companies were fueled by money from elsewhere: Teisco del Rey came from photographic supplies.

Gretsch began date-coding serial numbers in August Date-coded serial numbers are typically found stamped on the back or top of the headstock, and “Made in USA” is stamped next to the number starting in June The first digit or first 2 digits = month ()

This guitar has a nice weight at well under 9 lbs: The neck has a comfortable 59 profile: This was used as a reference color guitar over the years, and has never left the Memphis factory since until now. This was a limited release guitar from The new Gibson ES in a Sunset Burst finish is designed with historic hollow-body features at heart.

This impressive guitar incorporates modern enhancements like an ABR-1 bridge with titanium saddles, and a hand-wired MTC control assembly paired to our MHS P pickups with hum-canceling capabilities. The plastic is still on the black pickguard. With an estimated 40 to 50 left-handed instruments built up to the late ‘s, the Duo-Jet is an extremely rare model in factory left-handed, and even more rare when considering it is a lefty Golden Era single-cut Duo-Jet!

For a left handed vintage Strat, this is as rare as it gets! This is a factory original Left Handed Fender Strat in the ultra rare custom color finish: The letters are in a style that is typically seen on custom color finishes done by the Fender factory. This is a Heritage , jazz box similar to an L This one has massive flame on top, bottom, sides, and neck.

This is a very hard to get Left Handed Model.

Roland G-303 Guitar Synthesizer Controller

Not all features are options are listed here; this is just a quick-reference guide. Solid State or Tube? Early Carvin amplifiers like all other amps of the era were tube-drive models, in combo configurations with 1, 2 or 4 speakers. These early models were designed for use with pretty much any electric instrument, and generally had multiple channels for instruments as well as microphones.

Most of these amps used the standard 6L6’s and 12AX7’s, as well as a few others depending on the model.

While widely known today as the maker of affordable Gibson models, Epiphone has a rich history of instrument building dating back to its founding in in what is now Ismir, Turkey.

In particular have you been to the Vintage Hofner website , run independently, from the UK. However it can be a big project and you need to be patient, do research, talk to others and be prepared to modify parts if necessary. The rarer guitars from the 70s, 80s are harder to deal with as parts are now hard to find. The exceptions are those guitars sold by Selmer in the UK which will probably have a number stamped into the back of the headstock and guitars sold by Van Wouw in the Netherlands.

The USA distributors in the 60s and 70s used their own serial number systems and we do not have information about these. But please be aware of the following: We never give valuations. Our identification and dating service is at our discretion.

Help me find date of my Epiphone Les Paul Custom

The only force powerful enough to stop their progress was the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, According to history, all makers dropped what they were doing to join the war time effort. Epiphone had suspended their guitar production to make aileron parts for aircraft. However, the company emerged from the war with a different face…the man whose name was on every musical instrument had died during the war. When the war ended in Epiphone renewed its battle with Gibson, however Gibson never resumed making upright basses and Epiphone again held strong with its upright bass making prowess.

The Epiphone catalog showed this line up of basses with a notion that many items were not yet back into production after WWII.

Find great deals on eBay for vintage epiphone guitar. Shop with confidence.

Squier Company manufactured strings for violins, banjos, and guitars. Baldwin Guitars and Amplifiers Vintage … Baldwin amplifiers Just as Baldwin was casting around for a guitar company to buy in ’65, the company began manufacturing Baldwin amplifiers, which were produced at Dreadnought purple wood plaqued black pickg: Everything … Professional advice on amplifiers, guitars, and effects for rockabilly guitar.

Written by Vince Gordon of The Jime. Where can you have The Rockabilly Guitar Page. In general, higher model numbers meant more binding and ornament.

Epiphone Coronet

M Mexico, N Nineties s, the first number following the serial number prefix is the year. M Mexico, Z s, the first number following the serial number prefix is the year. For example, MN8 indicates that it was made at Ensenada, Mexico in CN5 made by Cor-Tek Cort in VN5 made by Saehan Sunghan in

Epiphone Casino – Epiphone – world famous quality since () relaunch of the Epiphone Casino from Japanese music magazine Music Life. This is the first of the Epiphone reissues of s instruments, and although never reissued, it also shows a s Epi

Tailpiece is either a trapeze, Frequensator or Tremotone vibrola. The Casino had no pre-Gibson equivalent, and corresponds to the Gibson ES launched the previous year, having the same dimensions and construction, but with different headstock shape and sometimes tailpiece. Like the , the Casino had a completely hollow body, i. Both were fitted with P90 pickups single coil , again just like the ES Initially these had a black bakelite cover, changing to nickel and then chrome-plated brass as the decade wore on.

The models came equipped with the Tremotone vibrato, which was optional by The Frequensator tailpiece was used on a number of models – the point being that it would lengthen either the three thickest or three thinest strings, maximising treble and bass response. Both had a sunburst finish, George’s had a Bigsby vibrato, whilst John’s had a stop tailpiece. Not surprisingly the two years following this were the highest in terms of sales for this model.

It was Lennon’s of course that had the most use; he was widely pictured with it, and used it extensively live and in the studio.

dating epiphone guitars by serial number

While the serial number information below refers only to instruments produced Vintage numbers from to are supported. Every Martin guitar made in and later, there is a serial number inside the guitar. Find great deals on eBay for fender guitar serial numbers.

epiphone guitars serial information Most regular production models since ca. Many ’80s and early ’90s serial numbers may follow a similar scheme, but may not include a factory ID code.

History[ edit ] Under the ownership of Epaminondas “Epi” Stathopoulo , Epiphone was a leading manufacturer of hollow-body and archtop guitars. Epi Stathopoulos died in Control of the company went to his brothers, Orphie and Frixo. In , a four-month-long strike forced a relocation of Epiphone from New York to Philadelphia. The company was bought out by their main rival, Gibson in In , Gibson began to expand upon its Epiphone line of semi-hollow guitars.

They reworked Epiphone’s old Century archtop into a thinline electric fitted with a single P This was followed by the introduction of a twin-pickup, double-cut thinline semi-hollowbody, the Sheraton. The original Gibson-made Epiphone Sheratons were up until , when production moved to Japan, and major design changes began to occur. It featured the same double rounded horns, and had similarly placed electronics. The Sheraton was fitted with a set glued-in neck, in accordance with Gibson’s standard practice.

Distinguishing characteristics of the Sheraton included its multiple body binding like that of its top of the line Gibson cousin, the ES ; its Frequensator tail piece; and its headstock and fretboard inlays. Unlike any of the semi-hollowbodies in the Gibson line, the Sheraton’s headstock featured Epiphone’s traditional fancy vine or “tree of life” inlay on its headstock, while its fretboard featured a block and triangle or “V” inlay of mother-of-pearl and abalone, as well as binding on the fretboard’s surface, inset slightly from the outer edges.

Parts begin to change to Gibson-made parts.

Dating tjeneste i cape town

Dating to around , it’s from a classic era for Fender tube amps. The aluminum drip-edge front panel was only offered for a short time on several Fender amp models making these a bit more prized. Just serviced by our tube amp technician, it’s ready to rock. The two original Oxford ‘Fender Special Design’ 10 inch speakers sound fantastic and can handle pedals easily. The genuine spring reverb is lush and the vibrato shakes like it should.

There have been several classic Fender tube amp models in the Attic recently and they’ve all sold quickly.

Dating Your Takamine Pro Series Models Japanese-built Takamine Pro Series guitars can be reliably dated from the eight-digit serial numbers typically found at the neck block inside the

This is the author’s guitar, manufactured extremely early in the first run of ’57 Reissues made in These guitars are known as “Fullerton Reissues” since they were manufactured at the Fullerton, California plant. Following the sale of the company to former employees and investors, the Corona plant was built, and those guitars are known as “Corona Reissues”. The Fullerton units were designed in the waning times of CBS ownership, and the impending sale of the company, along with the complexities of the subsequent changeover, contributed to the production snafus.

The above example still has the “ash tray” bridge cover, early style case, and is in nearly perfect condition due to nearly a decade and a half of storage. Most of the “case candy”–that is, the accessories that came with the guitar–are still present, and include the Fender cable and strap, owner’s manual, and the extra ‘tremolo’ arm springs in the stock envelope.

These did NOT have the “Fender” logo in black on them, and any such cloth is a replacement. I played this guitar for several years for recording purposes and at annual shows attended by a few hundred people in smoke-free environments. I wiped down and returned the guitar to its case following each use. I enjoyed detailing the guitar from time to time and applying a thick coat of carnauba wax–whether it needed it–or not.

During one recording session, I broke off the ‘tremolo’ arm while playing the guitar in a normal manner.

1963 Epiphone Professional Cherry w/Original Amp

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